Who are you and why should I hire you to do my website?
You can check out the About and Concept sections of this site for the long answer. The short answer is that I'm a web designer / artist / poet / programmer who puts together websites for creative professionals.

What is a "creative professional"?
A "creative professional" is anyone who views themselves primarily as an artist, writer, poet, screenwriter, playright, actor, etc. This also includes professors and instructors in these fields. As a sidenote, I occasionally do work for professional genealogists, since my father is one.

Wouldn't you make more money if you weren't so exclusive?
Certainly -- but it isn't just about money. I'm an artist and creative professional as well -- I want each project I work on to also be something that I can be proud of and believe in. Each site is a completely unique work of art.

Your website designs are beautiful, why don't you charge more?
It's true that many website designers will charge $1000+ for this type of attention. A good graphic designer will easily charge $150/hour for a logo design alone. As a creative professional myself, I know that we usually don't have a $1000 to spare for a website. I want to keep my services within the accessible range for most people.

How much does it cost to update information on my website?
I charge $40/hour and work very quickly.

How do I pay for your services?
I expect to be paid 50% upfront as a deposit and the remaining 50% when the project is done. Acceptable payment includes cash, cheque, money order, or PayPal. For cheques and money orders, I will not begin work until your cheque clears and the money is in the bank.

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