Website Design for Creative Professionals

Your website is an extension of your creative self. As a writer, poet, playright, artist, or professor, you want your presence on the web to reflect what makes you unique. Rather than settle for a generic template or hire someone who specializes in corporate web design, wouldn't it make more sense to enlist the help of another creative person who cares about your vision?

My goal is to design the website that best communicates your artistic and professional vision to the world. I bring with me years of experience as an artist, a web designer, a programmer, a poet, an editor of both online and print journals, and a layout and design specialist. My unique combination of artistic, editorial, and technical skills will be focused on the task of making your website an attractive and professional online presence.

The Process

Before anything else, I will interview you and find out exactly what you need. If you live in Vancouver, we can sit down and do this in person at a coffeeshop, your office, or some other convenient location. If you are busy or located outside Vancouver, I will send you a questionaire and ask my questions over the phone or through email. In either case, we will discuss what your particular vision and needs are and how best to bring these into an online form.

I'm am interested not just in the practical aspects of information, but also in what type of personality or impression you wish to convey. At the beginning of the design process, I might request photographs, doodles, or a list of favorite things -- these will help me arrive at an appropriate branding and theming for your site. After all, it is your website -- shouldn't it feel like a natural extension of who you are?

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